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Ways to Save on Auto Insurance

  • Bundle your homeowner and car insurance with the same company.  By using the same company to insure your auto and home, you can save up to 20%.
  • Maintain current insurance without a lapse of coverage.   When there is a lapse of coverage, insurance companies often make you “start over,” building up longevity discounts.
  • Inform your agent when you are married. Many companies reduce the cost of auto insurance for “married” drivers.
  • Inform your agent you graduated from college or have an advanced degree. Some companies discount car insurance for individuals with a college education or trade school.
  • Maintain an above average credit rating. Most companies now reduce auto insurance for individuals with good to outstanding credit. Statistically, drivers with good credit have less claims and the insurance companies reward them.
  • Send your good student’s (GPA 3.0 or greater) report card to your agent. Young drivers can have high premiums due to their inexperience. However, “good students” have fewer accidents and most companies will discount their premiums.
  • Send your teenagers driving training certificate to your agent. Teenagers with a drivers education are a step ahead. Because of their training, they have more experience with how to handle the road.
  • Remove comprehensive and collision protection on older cars with a value of less than $2000. Often, it does not make sense to pay a premium for a car with a market value of less than $2000. After the deductible is removed, the amount you would collect would be small anyway.
  • Drive “family type” cars. Vans, SUV, and sedans typically cost less to insure than sport or high valued autos.
  • Inform your agent if you drive less than 7,000 per year on a vehicle. Many companies are giving insurance discounts when a car is driven rarely.
  • Drive responsibly. The cost of car insurance can be substantially higher when a DWI or major violation is on the record. It is not unusual for the premiums to be double or greater for an insured with a major violation.
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