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Motorcycle Insurance

We're independent insurance agents right here in Missouri. We're also members of your community. We'd discourage you from ever putting yourself in an uninsured position, especially with a motorcycle. We take pride in protecting our customers.

Every year when the weather clears, you're anxious to get on your bike again. You know you're insured, but being within the letter of the law just isn't enough. At the Milburn Agency, we'll give you options on coverage and pricing from a variety of insurers that most other agencies just aren't permitted to give you. We can tailor coverage and quotes online that are specifically suited for you in just a few minutes. That way if you're in a motorcycle accident, regardless of whose fault it is, we have you covered all the way around. Because some people on the road completely ignore responsibility, we won't let you forget about uninsured drivers either.

There are reasons why we've been around our community for so long. One of those reasons is our quality unbiased service. We give you alternatives that other agents can't. Contact us. We'll make the time for you.