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Life Insurance

Ways to Save on Life Insurance

  • Don’t smoke – most smokers spend 35% to 55% more on their life insurance than non-smokers.
  • Purchase insurance at a younger age. The mortality cost for a life insurance policy increase with age and so does the premium. It’s a good idea to lock into a level premium while you are still young.
  • Keep fit and trim – keeping the weight off reduces the risk of heart disease and other health complications. Insurance companies know this and rate accordingly.
  • Maintain good credit. Statistically, insureds with good credit file fewer claims and the insurance companies will discount their policies for being financially responsible.
  • Drink responsibly and never drink alcohol and drive. An insured with a DWI may pay two to three times the rate for life insurance. Life insurance companies are concerned with the possibility of accidental death.
  • Avoid hazardous activities or extreme sports – for example, race car driving or sky diving increases the chance of accidental death and the insurance company may charge more.
  • Research many quality insurance companies – rates between carriers may vary widely based on the situation. It’s a good idea to contact an independent broker who can give you quotes from several companies.